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Rules For a Children’s Church Teacher


  1. Always pray before class(come to church prayed up) and during class for the Holy Spirit to lead you and the children
  2. Always respect every child.
  3. Never reprimand a child in front of other children
  4. Always try to understand the issue from the child’s point of view
  5. There is never a reason to raise your voice to a child
  6. Never touch the children in an aggressive or suggestive manner.
  7. Relay all situations to Mary Ottersen, who will relay them to Pastor Meredith if necessary.


Rules of discipline for Children


  1. Respect yourself
  2. Respect the other children
  3. Address all pastors by the name pastor
  4. Respect and obey the children church teachers and ushers
  5. Respect all adults and address them with respect
  6. Respect the church property(no running inside the church).
  7. Control your mouth and body(raise your hands if have a question or have an answer).
  8. Be loving, kind, patient and honorable to all others in our classroom
  9. What would Jesus do?
  10. Have fun
  11. If you do not follow these rules you may be asked to leave the classroom.

If you have a call or desire to work with the Children's Department, you must complete a Shoreline Volunteer Application:  Click Here