Pastors & Staff

Founding Pastors
Mike & Meredith Calo 

Lead Pastors

Michael Calo
Prior  to  his  calling  to  ministry,  Michael  was  the  founder  of  2  mortgage  companies  and  a real estate  investment  firm.    He  is  the  Founder  and  Lead  Pastor  of  Shoreline  Church .
He  has  spent  the  past  39  years  involved  in  the  ministry  of  encouragment
and leadership  mentoring.    Pastor  is  a  sought-after  dynamic  &  prophetic  speaker  who  ministers  the  love  of  God  through  the  practical  application  of  Biblical  teaching.

Meredith Calo
Pastor Meredith  is the  Co-Founder  and Co-Pastor  of  Shoreline  Church .   She  is  a graduate  of  Victory  Christian  Center, Tulsa,  OK.   Pastor Meredith  has worked  hand  in hand  with  her  husband  to  bring  the  vision  of  equipping  and  sending  leaders  into ministry.  
Pastor  Meredith  has  a  heart  for  Israel,  and  foreign  missions.    She  was  instrumental in helping  establish  the main  mission  program  of  Shoreline  Church  in  Acuncion,  Paraguay.  She  is  used  powerfully  in  the  gift  of  discernment  and  delivery  of  the  Word.

David Middleton

Assistant  Pastor

Pastor is a gifted teacher and compassionate listener.  The Lord uses him powerfully in ministering to those in the midst of life's struggles.  
Pastor Dave is currently involved in the Men’s ministry, Wednesday night services (starts 7pm).  Prayer, Worship, And Teaching the Word.  

Pastor says; I love to pray for and intercede for others.  He has given me a servant’s heart.  I enjoy connecting and helping others to know Him, teach them and equip them for the victorious life He wants us all to live. We live in a fallen and broken world now more than ever before, even with all of the technical advancements that we have at our disposal, we need God now more than ever before!

Adolfo & Jennifer Paredes 

Missionary Pastors to Paraguay 

They have been with Shoreline from close to the beginning and were instrumental in connecting our church to the country of Paraguay.  Today they are missionaries to Paraguay and are used powerfully in spreading the vision of God's love to those in need.

Thomas Torrenti


Pastor Tom is a well know artist who serves Shoreline with passion and vision.  His teachings are considered to be like listening to a father speaking to his children.  

Joe & Pam Theis

Event  Coordinators

All  church  events,  Shoreline  Community  Talent  Show,   Shoreline  Strawberry  Social,  Joy  to  the  Community,  are  coordinated and   overseen  by  this  dynamic  couple.   Joe  is further  involved   with  Sunday  morning  announcements,  church  fundraising,   church  video  &  photography.   Pam  &  Joe  are  Deacons  &  church  members  since  2005.  They   have 2  sons,  Ryan  &  Jake.