Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Shoreline is deeply involved in missions: We help drill water wells around the world, we help provide food and essential needs to Jews who returned to the Promised land. We help missionaries in France, Congo, Uganda and others around the world.  
Our main focus as a church is a Foundation in Acuncion, Paraguay that provides, food, clothing, training, health needs, and spiritual guidance to 100's of children and their families each day.  The Foundation is called "With a Smile" and we are regular supporters and we are deeply involved with this great ministry.  
One of our church leaders, who is from Paraguay, Adolfo Paredes and his wife Jennifer are our missionary Pastors to Paraguay.   We are preparing now for another trip to this great nation to help minister to those in need.  Interested?  Contact us at Shoreline for additional information. 

Active Missionaries

Adolfo & Jennifer Paredes

Missionaries to Paraguay

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